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Washington DC BAH Rates For 2022

Washington DC BAH is available to active-duty troops and dependents (spouse, children).

The Basic Allowance Housing (BAH) assists service members and military families with the high costs of housing in the area.

There is little surprise that the nation’s capital is heavily fortified by the presence of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Military installations exist directly in the District of Columbia as well as in nearby Virginia and Maryland.

Learn more about the military bases in the area and Washington DC BAH rates for 2022.

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BAH For Washington, D.C. / Arlington, VA

washington dc bah rates

Washington, D.C. and Arlington, VA is well protected by the U.S. Armed Forces and federal organizations such as the C.I.A.

The nation’s capital exists on the east bank of the Potomac River along the border of Virginia and Maryland.

For this reason, there are many service members stationed in Washington, D.C. that make a commute to see families in Maryland or Virginia.

Nevertheless, Washington DC BAH and Arlington, VA is designed to assist military families with the high cost of living in the area.

Washington DC BAH is determined based on military rank and number of dependents.

The Basic Allowance Housing is distributed monthly to troops as a means to afford rent or a mortgage.

Therefore, those seeking a housing stipend in D.C. can expect the following rates for 2022:

Enlisted Rates For 2022

RankDependentsWithout Dependents

Warrant Officer

RankDependentsWithout Dependents


RankDependentsWithout Dependents

Are you looking for different rates than Washington DC BAH?

Calculate Basic Allowance Housing (BAH) for other locations in the United States.

Military Bases in Washington, D.C.

pentagon bah rates

Washington, D.C. is well protected by several military installations operated by the various branches of service.

These include prominent Washington, D.C. military bases:

  • Bolling Air Force Base
  • Fort McNair (U.S. Army)
  • USMC Marine Barracks 

Furthermore, Washington is home to several renowned medical and research facilities:

  • Walter Reed Medical Center
  • Naval Research Laboratory
  • USCG National Response Center

Lastly, D.C. is headquarters to administrative buildings like:

  • The Pentagon (DoD Headquarters)
  • Washington Navy Yard
  • U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters

There are also many other surrounding military bases in Virginia and Maryland.

Washington DC BAH: Affordable Housing for Military Families

Washington DC BAH rates are designed to make housing more affordable for service members and dependents.

The city is divided into quadrants with more than 130 neighborhoods to consider for housing.

Nonetheless, housing costs are rising particularly in sought-after destinations such as D.C.

Consequently, if you are struggling to find affordable housing in Washington then you may want to consider Maryland and Virginia for living arrangements.

The military provides Basic Allowance Housing (BAH) for active-duty troops, military spouses, and children across the country.

Therefore, the monthly distribution rate is determined by location as well as military rank and number of dependents.

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Washington DC BAH assists military families with the rising costs of living.

The city is not the most affordable place to reside for military personnel and dependents.

Thus, if Washington DC BAH rates are not enough to make due there is also Virginia and Maryland to consider.

Baltimore, Maryland – for example – is less than 45 miles away and also features options for affordable housing.

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